Scheduled Workshops in 2017


    Oct 21/22      Hamburg/Germany                    Subtiler Aktivismus  Workshop INFO 2


    Oct 27-29      bei Kassel/Germany                 Soul of Nations Workshop

    Feb 24-25 2018      bei Frankfurt/M, Germany         Multikulturelle Integration
                                                                                      Workshop    INFO      


    If you are interested to have a workshop at your

    place or in your country, please let us know!


    What participants say

    Dr. Franca Baroni, Seattle, USA: "Thank you Wolfgang & Soleil for offering your gracious, powerful, accessible and effective ways to transform and evolve the soul of our beloved country. This workshop is a must for every citizen and much needed at this precarious and promising juncture! “


    Lynda Lester, Lodi, Ca, USA: "A first-class workshop! Resulted in deep
    spiritual  experiences, remarkably insights, practical applications of
    transformative practice. Soleil and Wolfgang are a wonderful team and
    transmit a rich and integral vision and experience."


    Christa Reimann, Germany: “Your workshop was deeply touching and
    most of all very effective for me. Before I was suffering on melancholic and
    depressive  thoughts and feelings connected with Germany. They are

    Carol M., Vancouver,BC, Canada: “For the first time I powerfully felt my
    Canadian roots. I have gained another great support, a Higher Power
    through the Soul of Canada.”

    Karen Mitchell, San Francisco, Ca, USA: “A wonderful workshop. A way to
    give back to the nation - that has given so much to me -, a way to become
    clearer about the interweaving of personal and national destiny."

    Hans Jecklin, Zürich, Switzerland : "My participation in the Soul of Nations-Workshop
    in Switzerland was fruitful for me in many ways. I learned and
    understood how I am  connected to the national collective shadow, and
    how my integration of this unconscious aspect is expanding  my personal 
    freedom and independence in  surprising ways.  I also see how the
    national shadows are often connected exactly with the special genius
    qualities of the nation - and these shadows block the full development of
    the nation's unique contributions for the world. In the courseof the
    workshop, I understood for the first time through  direct experience how
    we can communicate from the wisdom and love of our own cells.”






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