Soleil and Wolfgang Aurose -
    Combining Male-Female Qualities

    Since 2011 Soleil and Wolfgang Aurose created several types of workshops.
    A large number of Soul of Nations workshops have been performed with participants of 25 nations on three continents yet.
    The Subtle Activism workshop emerged in 2016 and is meeting a high interest since its beginning.
    Both workshops are presented on special pages on this side.

    Soleil, a psychologist, author and workshop leader, created the Hladina Method, which is now called Soul to Cell Synthesis. It is a new evolutionary and spiritual healing technique, which beside others is praised by eminent researchers as Prof Ervin Laszlo as “highly due, because it is uniting traditional yogic methods with modern science“.
    Wolfgang is yielding his conceptual work and understanding, elsewhere described on this side.

    The result is a true synthesis. Combining spiritual and body grounded experience with cognitive and psychic reflection and learning. A healing and transforming process of a new and integral kind. The integration of heart, brain and soul.

    We hope to see you at one of our next workshops!

    Wolfgang and Soleil

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