The Power of Co-Creativity

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    The Power of Co-Creativity - How your Inner Work can Transform your Country



    Core Theses of “The Power of Co-Creativity”

    • Nations, as well as individuals,at a certain point in their stages of evolution awake to an underlying strata of consciousness, which are their inmost and unique identities.These “soul fields“ are also part of an universal information field.

    • As nations become aware of their specific geniuses, they re-define themself.They outgrow previous mythical, historical, and ethnical limitations. Nations recognize their evolving soul values and relate to the people as a community which becomes self-determining.

    • Collective shadow healing and integrating of dissociated soul parts becomes necessary. Techniques and tools are emerging to accomplish these goals Examples in the book refer to Germany’s Jewish population, the role of native Americans in the USA, the Muslim-Hindu shadow in India and other inner-national constellations.

    • The process of shadow work and the reintegration of dissociated parts is facilitated by admitting and correcting the errors and atrocities of the past, which can be enhanced e.g. by viewing artistic artifacts, literature, films, through collective alignments and political gestures. There are impressive examples in the book which can stand as models for these healing and transforming processes.

    • The individual members of a nation can play a crucial co-evolutionary role by initiating and fostering this collective development. By practicing conscious integration and clearing the shadows of one’s own national upbringing, each member of a society can have a profound influence on the country’s shared soul-field. This influence can be compared to a homeopathic dose, whose tiny input can affect a whole system.

    • When a sufficient amount of healing and integration work is done by enough nations and individuals, a sustainable global identity can emerge . An integral vision describes a planet-wide culture and governance, which is able to integrate people in their different ranges of development. It would be a collective body with many unique national and cultural colors and qualities.

    • Honoring the essential qualities of each nation is therefore a prerequisite for achieving the goal of a sustainable human unity. Lasting answers for critical challenges like global warming, the fair distribution of wealth and resources, and international peace can only be found if the unique and universal essence of individuals and nations is recognized. It is also a necessary platform for continuing our evolution of consciousness.

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