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     Workshops and Trainings in 2018/19

    June 2, 2018          Lodi, CA, USA             Subtle Activism Workshop

    October 2018        Nevada City, CA           Soul of Nation Workshop

    Feb 2019
    or Aug 2019          London, UK                 Soul of Nation Workshop

    Feb 2019              Besse, Germany            Soul of Nation Workshop Training I

    Aug 2019           Besse,. Germany             Soul of Nation Workshop Training II


    For more info about workshops and training mailto: Wolfgang,


    Soul of Nations becomes an Advanced Training Offer

    We have been offering Soul of Nations workshops for 8 years with people representing 27 different nations.On our recent work tour we achieved a special accolade. Two engaged German institutions , the Future Now Foundation and Die Integrale Akademie, showed clear interest to integrate and transpose the workshop format into an advanced training, for coaches, therapists, teachers etc. Possible applications for this work could be the social and psychological integration with new immigrants in a country, reconciliation work between inner-national minorities and subgroups as well as co-evolving an European soul field, healing national and affected personal traumas, and much more. Together with these institutions we will develop a curriculum. There could be training weekends in Germany as well as virtual courses, therefore interested applicants are invited from all countries. The first training courses will begin in 2019. If you are interested in this training, let us know (for the time being write to Wolfgang,


                                                              Upcoming Book

    The Power of Co-Creativity
    How your Inner Work can Transform your Country



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