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    Dear Friends of our Projects,

    Engagement for the new view on the Soul of Nations is still a pioneering work. As such it cannot pay for itself yet and it needs support. If you value our approach we ask you cordially to help funding it with a donation!
    There are following projects right now:
        1) Soul of Nations workshops
        2) Soul of Nation book (working title)
        3) Soul of Auroville and other AV related workshops
        4) Soleil's new book, pp presentations, and workshops

    1) Soul of Nations workshops are described at another page of Experiencing the soul and shadow of our countries in us, our personal roles with regards to the collective soul, and healing our held shadow energies.
    Support for workshops and conference lectures in countries where not all expenses are covered by income.

    2) Support for the American translation and promotion of Wolfgang´s German book „Die Seele der Nationen“ (see another page of

    3) Workshop adaptations of Soul of Nations and Hladina techniques for Aurovilian needs and realities. Support for expenses.

    4) Soleil is writing a book about her experiences with The Mother. Parallel to this project she is developing a pp on what it means to be a homeopathic dose for the divine's work, and workshops along these lines.
    Support for the writing, pp and workshop development time.


    Pathways to donate

    In the USA and Canada ( United States with tax
    reducing receipt):
    You can use one of the following methods to donate:

    • The “Donate” button on the Sri Aurobindo Association’s web page (for credit card or PayPal donations):

    • A check made out to the Sri Aurobindo Association and sent to:
      Sri Aurobindo Association (SAA)
      2715 W. Kettleman Lane Suite 203-174
      Lodi, CA 95242

    Please specify the project on the online donation form or on the check.
    SAA requests that donations over $1000 be made by check


    In Germany and Europe (in D with tax reducing receipt):
    Auroville International Germany e.V.,
    Purpose: "Book Project Soul of Nations"


    Please send us parallel to your donation (in USA or Europe) a short email  notification :


    Thank you very much!


    All donors with a contribution of $100 or more
    shall receive
    the English book as a complimentary gift.


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