Wolfgang J. Aurose (Schmidt-Reinecke)  

    Born April 17, 1949  

    • International book author and book translator

    • Freelance journalist (print and video documentary)

    • Executive editor (1,5 years) (special interest magazine)

    • Copywriter (advertising agencies)

    • Chairman (4 years) and Executive Director (4 years) Auroville


      Executive Chairman Auroville International Germany (14 years)

    • Executive Chairman Freie Gesundheitsberufe (7 years) (Umbrella Organizationfor Complementary Medicine in Germany)

    • Head of PR Division (2 years) (international Non-Profit development aid, German branch)

    • Extensive travels and work in Western & Eastern Europe, South & North America, Africa, India

    • MA Journalism, Anthropology, History, Freie Universität Berlin





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